About Me

My name is Ben Drust, and this is my third year teach, all of which have come in the same classroom at HCA!  


Growing up, I always knew I wanted to teach and coach.  Education runs in my family - my mom was my elementary school principal and my dad was my high school PE teacher/ head football coach.  Needless to say, I never got away with ANYTHING!  I grew up loving sports and was inside a school ALL the time.  Most kids don't want to go to work with their parents, but my brother and I would always want to go with my mom.  As soon as we would get there, we would spring into the gym and play basketball for hours!  Our love for sports was not only in the gym, but it was EVERYWHERE.  I played football, basketball and baseball in high school.  


After graduating from Carterville (IL) HS, I chose to stay at home and go to the local junior college to play college baseball.  I played for two years at John A Logan College and majored in Elementary Education.  Then, God's plan threw me a complete curveball.  I was already accepted and registered to go to school at Southern Illinois University (SIU), but I got a call from UAB in Birmingham.  UAB called to see if I would come play baseball for them, and after A LOT of prayer, I committed.  This is a decision that changed my life completely!


After playing at UAB for two years, I graduated with a degree in Special Education.  I LOVED working with kids who had special needs.  However, God didn't have me teaching right away with His plan.  Instead, He had me work in college baseball at UAB as the Director of Baseball Operations for the next six years.  It was during this time that my life as a Christian REALLY started to take over.  My coach was a devoted follower of Jesus and challeneged me to be a better man everyday.  I met my wife, who was working in the marketing department the floor below me.  Heather and I later got married, and just when we thought we were settling in, God threw ANOTHER curveball.


Working for UAB was a dream-job for me.  However, when you're married you do what's best for BOTH!  Heather got offered a job in Alpharetta, and after MONTHS of prayers, tears and uncertainty, we decided to move to Alpharetta.  Now, God's not done with His story for us just yet...I did not have a job, so I reached out to Mrs. Waters' brother, who is a baseball coach.  He told me to call HCA, because they had a baseball job open.  So, I did...but they didn't have a teaching job open.  However, God continued to fill HCA and I was able to teach 2nd grade.   I can't tell you how thankful I am that God has brought me to HCA.  I love it here.  I love teaching second graders, coaching baseball and softball, and being able to meet such great people.  


My wife and I have one sweet little dog, Grady.  We also have a baby boy due November 14, and we are looking forward to being parents gfor the first time!  


Favorite things:

Favorite Baseball Team - St. Louis Cardinals (Go Birds!)

Favorite football team - Georgia Bulldogs (Sic 'Em!)

Favorite Food - Mexican (Chipotle is my weakness) and Greek (Gyros!!!)

Favorite Music - Country (I've seen Garth Brooks twice!)

Hobbies - Traveling with my wife (We spent Thanksgiving in LONDON last year!)